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For years, despite the monster in me, I've believed that I was a generous soul. But the last past few days have blown away that assumption into smithereens...

How? When? Why? I ask myself.

Well, for starters, I know I've become more bitter and brassy towards people I do not have much respect for.

It all began this year - the brazenness surfaced. I always had it in me though but my mission for peace kinda parked the impertinence on the backburner.

Now, a much mature, stronger, and fearless version of me decided to put a stop to it. Let's be blunt... and selfish...I don't share with those I don't appreciate...I just won't...

Am I selfish? with it...

You Make Me Itch...B!TCH

Another episode. Really got on my nerves.

Do not disturb me while I'm eating. If you ring and I tell you I'm having my lunch or dinner the least you can do - people with manners would - is to call back.

Or you just call me up and tell me to do something for you. You don't even ask if I'm busy. I don't sit at home waiting, or even pining for your phone call every day. I have a life and unemployment is not an excuse not to be busy.

Others may tolerate your wild antics. I'm not 'others' and I won't ever let your unreasonable whims interfere with my private life.

Get a life - away from me!

Eff The Title!

Ok. There’s no other way to put it. Why do some younger women, from a certain ethnic group, believe that it’s alright to screw another woman’s man? How the eff can you act normal knowing bloody well that the man you’re sleeping with got another woman?! That you’re the ‘other woman’? You’d even friggin’ boast about it?

I’ve recently discovered even older women are at it! They’re so promiscuously ready and willing to get their leg-over with any man. I guess they don’t give a hoot about moral values.

No wonder the opposite sex has such a low opinion of women of their ‘calibre’!

I feel like ripping their eyes out when I see them.

Maybe YOU should try and get a sex partner with no attached strings! YOU’re so wrong in believing that you got the upper hand by seducing someone else’s beau. The joke's on ya super-bitch!

I’m sick of your drama, period. Cutting you out from my life gets easier and easier. :-)

Bitching Out!

For a cynical and sarcastic creature like me, I should say no one has aggravated me for a long time until today!

This person is a “constipated” piece of work! Constipated as in humourless! In other words...BORING AND IRRITATING!! Well yes I said it. That’s how you’ll be labelled if you choose to not appreciate a hilarious anecdote and sneer at it. Your holier-than-thou attitude is truly outplayed and you ain’t fooling me. I do my best to tolerate your presence and go along with your stupid narrow-minded self. But enough is enough!

Next time share your uppity opinion with someone else ‘cause I assure you your shit stinks more than mine does! You may think you shit gold...I spit gold you conceited vermin!


Mrs BM is at it again!

What happens when your husband gets laid off, your business ain't getting the clientele you were expecting. your youngest child doesn't have any manners (none whatsoever) and your mother is another meddler just like you?

You'll have a mashed-up jaw! No? Then you'll perish in hell! If not both...

When the grapevine delivers you juicy news keep it for yourself and do not bring other people's dirty linen to my door. I'm not interested. Not a fuck!

No wonder you ain't got much friends, what with your blabbering and meddling.

Free tip: Seek a career change!

A Very Quick Note To Self

Next time you’re hungry get off your fat arse and prepare something to eat instead of downing sugary food! Those eatables are ruining my face and curves...!

Skimpily-Clad Youths

Youths of today has redefined the meaning of 'sexy'!

I'm still amazed to see many young people, still in their adolescence, baring their flesh to all who'd care to drool or scorn. What the heck is wrong with them? Such bold behaviour would result in consensual or forced sex. And the statistics for teenage pregnancy ain't getting lower! Not that raging hormones provoked by 'sexy' youngsters are the only cause of teenage pregnancy but it sure contributes to the numbers.

Where does the blame lay? Parents? Teachers? Culture? Media?

Personally, I'd condemn the parents first, followed by the media and culture. Teachers can influence the kids too. So they should be partly held responsible as well.

Somebody should smack some sense into them!

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